How many types and Functions of Flyer Printing you can avail?

To get beneficial purpose of flyer printing to advertise your business, you must be aware of the requirements and features to achieve those requirements successfully. Every business needs distinct kind of marketing campaign that can bring more business opportunities and number of customers to the company. Considering your corporate promotions, pick the style and type of flyers that can fit into the particular utilization and distributing criteria. Let’s explore the number of types and functions that flyers can serve to advertise your business.

Types of flyer printing

  • Business Flyers

To introduce your new business to the general audiences or to give an overview of your latest services and products, you need to print business flyers. Such flyers includes all the details of the company profile, nature of business, types of products or services it provides and special incentives that it can offer to the consumers. Professional flyers allow you to promote launch of corporate proceedings and boost upgraded business ventures. The design and layout portrays the professional grace and gravity.

  • Club Flyers

The club flyers are made to promote events based on social happenings or entertainment activities. They include the title of event along with venue and timing details. It must also provide the information of organizers and directions to reach the venue. The colors and images should be of high resolution with attention grabbing graphics.

Functions of flyer printing

  • Invitations

Invitation flyers serve the purpose of being admission cards that are used to invite audiences to the particular event. It’s used to instigate people to attend upcoming social, educational or entertaining activity.

  • Mailers

Another special usage of flyers is using them as mailers to targeted clients to let them know about latest deals and offers. The best function of such flyers is that they can be personalized to make your customer feel special and connected to your brand. Put customers name and other details on the flyer to introduce your products and related deals with call to action statement.

  • Inserts

These flyers act as opportunity promoters residing inside magazines, presentation files or newspapers. You can also put it in company magazines or printed material. The style and theme of the flyers should be accommodating with company’s marketing campaign theme or event it is organizing.

  • Catalogues

These are used to advertise the details of products and their prices to let customers get quick idea. It includes images, description and original/sale price details in prominent way. You can categories the products to give more precise layout to the consumers.

  • Coupon or gift vouchers

Another promotional campaign strategy could be effectively carried out with help of special coupons or gift vouchers. These are impactful to attract new users as well as to compensate older ones for winning their trust more. Free items, special discounts or lucky draws are few good coupons that can bring huge number of customers to your business.


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