Standards of Name Card Printing Malaysia to get best Business Cards

business-card-size-1For a professional graphic designer who want to create striking conceptual designs or owner of a small business who need to create a special design to give an effective intro to his own business, its eminent to follow set standards and criteria of name card printing Malaysia for conspicuous business cards. It’s better to get into step by step process of originating clean, outstanding and attractive name card rather than applying random concepts. Some basic measurements and ideas can help you define awe-inspiring design with perfect alignment and styling. You can layout your conceptual design on simplest software application like Microsoft word or publisher to complex tool such as Adobe photoshop or illustrator. Assistance can also be availed by diverse online resources of free customizable templates of business cards.

Business card dimensions

Size dimensions are one of the most important factors in creating tidy and remarkable name card. The general standard of name card printing Malaysia is 3.5 x 2 inches finished business card. But in latest innovative designs the size varies from small to ample size with diverse shapes and layouts. Select the attractive and convenient size that is useful for the clients and give them ease of holding the card along with them.

Include bleed area

The basic size of the business card also must include bleed area to reduce the chances of outflow of text. You need to add an extra 1/8 inch, as bleed area around the card to place background color, pattern or design elements that extend beyond the normal business card size. A name card with bleed area is printed a bit oversized and later on it is cut according to the desired size to give the effect that printing design bleeds off the card rather than leaving white borders. Keep all your important information and details within the margin of bleed area to avoid cutting off the text during card trimming.

Double sided cards

If you have something extra to deliver to your customers along with a basic business intro and information, you can make use of the back side of the card. You can print about your products, latest releases or offers on the other side to give some extra to target consumers. Keep the flip area lest cluttered with prominent information to attract attention of viewers.

Folded name cards

To extend the printing area of name card printing Malaysia, you can select the option of folded or tent business card. It gives you double space to print different aspects and features of the services and products you offer. It can serve the purpose of being a mini brochure with important business attributes, contact information and event announcements.

Custom effects

With standard size and elements, you can also incorporate striking custom effects to enhance the concept of the business card design. Multiple styles and printing like die cut, embossed, metallic ink and foil stamping can be applied to make the name cards stupendous.


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