Choosing Suitable Paper for Flyer Printing Campaign

Offset printingTo run a compelling advertising campaign for your business, you don’t just need a bulk of the budget or expertise in designing skills to carry it out successfully. It needs a complete package of refined designing, powerful concept and professional printing job to achieve your motive of influential promotion to get targeted results. If you achieved a fantastic idea, but got the feeble printing job, it will ruin the whole task of marketing an inspiring image of the company. The main focus in printing job is the selection of quality paper that can define the whole concept as well as promote your product, item or event they way that you want.

You need to build understanding about the nature, quality and usage of printing papers in an appropriate manner for lasting impression on the target customer. The best flyer printing will deliver convincing impression of your business on the end user to instigate him to purchase your high quality products.

Type of Flyer papers

  • Offset

Flyer printing

The general raw and regular flyer printing paper referred to as a bond on consumer level for average promotion campaigns. It is similar to normal writing or copier paper to print common announcements and declarations. The paper has a rough finish and does not give smooth touch. Mostly applied to a low cost promotional campaign that does not include the impression factor to attract new customers.

  • Matte

Name card printing Malaysia

Another classification of printing paper is in matte stock with shiny, yet smooth and non-glare look. It provides a digital printing outlook, with smoothness of rich colors. The semi-gloss coating of the matte stock labels it as “dull coat stock”. It seems ideal to print decent promotional advertisements with feel of gravity of the cause.

  • Gloss

The most sleek, glossy and reflecting effect comes from gloss paper stock that offers sparkling finish. You can avail the paper quality to print most fascinating, glamorous and tempting deals, offers and event promotions, to match the concept with paper stock.

  • Newsprint

The low quality raw paper material used to advertise for utility purpose, the color, finish and feel of paper is as rough and dull as general newspapers. The paper stock is not preferred for customary promotions, but utilized for in-house marketing and declarations.

Weight categories:

Apart from the types of flyer printing quality attribute, it is also classified with reference to the weight of paper. Here we elaborate the categories in detail.

  • Cover

The heaviest, stiff and thicker papers come under this category. The nature of paper makes it suitable for printing pictures, titles and post cards for durability and presentable qualities. This paper stock can sustain its condition longer than other flexible papers and cannot be ripped easily.

  • Text

Good quality paper with medium weight classification. It can hold text load with smoothness and flexibility. It is not as rigid as cover paper and mostly used for inner pages of magazines, novels and journals.

  • Book

The most slimmest and light weight paper comes with a coated or uncoated finish. Used to print thick text books in low cost and more flexibility. Known ad all purpose paper stock to print and utilize for general use.


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