Creative Ideas for Name Card Printing Malaysia Enhancement

A business card is a handy way to deliver all you information to customers and clients. It must be able to provide a complete overview of business and your personal profile with inspiring graphics and design. As much as distinct and creative design you opt for your name card, it will return you the best results in the marketing campaign. You can always add some innovation in name card printing Malaysia through minor yet significant changes. Incorporating some personal touches can attract more people to explore about your business and products. Here are a few examples that how you can innovate casual business cards.

Place face to a name

When designing name card printing Malaysia for all managers of your company, you can place their pictures against their names on distinct cards. It will help you to keep the single card design for all the executives yet make an exclusive business card for each of them. Blending the colored and black and white effects together will give the impressive appearance to the viewers.

Put tabs for multiple cards

The same scenario mentioned above can also be handled in another suitable way. Creating multiple cards for directors or other important positions of the organization, can take just a little enhancement to make bunch manageable business cards. Small tabs can be added above each card at alternative places to mention the department names and put them all in the single card holder. It will create a hierarchy and let receiver explore them conveniently.

Display your domain

In order to improve impression of the business card and give it more exclusivity, you must display some elements of your industry or business in name card printing Malaysia design. For instance, if you are a developer, you can present the card design with a view like development platform on the other hand and SEO expert can brand its company name at the top of the Google search list.

Sample with card

Nothing can convince users to buy a product more than a free sample. If your product is manageable to give away as a sample in small portion or tiny size, you can use this tactic to increase the worth of your business card. Many companies inspire users with their new launches through small giveaway gifts. It not only promotes them, but also give them huge turnovers.

Turn into useful tool

Another way to give a groundbreaking look to the name card printing Malaysia is to transform it into a useful tool. Based on your business field or nature of work, the card can be modified into a handy device to facilitate people’s daily life. A shape utensil, a cheese grater or a bottle opener would be few examples that can be considered as a business card tool.


How Augmented Reality in Flyer Printing is Valuable

flyer printing Augmented reality has brought the vision of making the printed marketing material more effective, powerful and valuable. The latest flyer printing services which include a touch of augmented reality, optimizes the content of flyer by linking it to your web sources and let customers know more about your product, event or services.  People can easily access all the interesting links and content through placing smart phone on the flyer. The interactive flyer printing not just make the marketing campaign more interesting and viral, but it also provides clear metrics about how effective your campaign is running and how people are responding towards your offers. As flyers are more reachable way to target customers, they can be skillfully turned into AR flyers that can hold extended information about your web existence, social media and important links. Here are more benefits that you can acquire by adding augmented reality technology to the flyers.

Promote web content with print

Although you can put sizeable information about your company, services and products you offer or the event that is organized by the company. But still would be lots more that you wish to convey to the potential customer. Blending augmented reality application with flyer printing will allow you to provide desired links and experience of your work to the clients. It will give your business and products extra exposure by involving customers in the flyer content.

Make the information long-lasting

The printed information would be misled soon after a while, but it’s not with the case about web based information. You can rely on augmented reality to keep the information safe and available for longer period on web sources. You can also provide downloadable PDFs about the research and authenticity of the business or services you are offering. In both ways the essential information can be kept secure.

Provide social media access

By just adding social media icons on flyers, now you can bring the customers directly on your social pages to enhance the interaction with them. The two way communication on social networks can engage the maximum number of users to get authenticity, brand reputation and association with the daily lives of the users to become a household name.

Let clients subscribe easily

Email and newsletter subscription is a significant way to connect with the target customers. People who are interested in getting the latest updates of your brand prefer to subscribe to your website. You can also drive them to the subscription section by making it simple and easy through augmented reality flyer printing technique.

How to make cheap flyer printing with chic results

Flyer printingAlthough flyer printing is categorized as a low cost marketing tool that suit small and emerging businesses, yet it can become expensive as you  always have to print a large number of flyers for the single campaign. Flyers must be captivating and instigating to motivate customers for prompting response to the event or launch. If flyer printing is poorly done, the clients will get the impression of  products or services mentioned in flyer as low quality. Dazzling and glamorous look of the flyers can bring you right clients with high chances of profits as the appearance can inspire human minds quite effectively. Here are a few tips to develop chic flyers in a cheaper way.

Use premium stock

Instead of designer paper stock, use premium paper stock to save budget and get sensational output. It will give you the expression of high quality flyer to promote your business with limited resources. Glossy finish on both sides will enhance the impact of the flyer as a professional tool of marketing tactics.

Do-it-yourself design

Design is a major phase of flyer printing that requires a considerable amount of money. To save more money and portray your company’s vision more accurately, decide to design the flyer on your own. Do some research on flyer designing, improve your knowledge about the important components and features if the designs, get useful expert tips for refined idea and implement with simple design tools.


Prefer custom sizes

To achieve cheaper flyer printing, you should choose a more reasonable size among multiple sizes of flyers. The sizes start from 2 inch by 2 inch to 12.5 inch to 17.5 inch in general. You can customize the size according to the design and content requirements. It will help you to cut down the huge price to most desirable.

Go for low cost inks

The selection of ink is directly proportional to the paper stock you are using to print professional flyers. To complement the quality of paper, use Soy inks that are more brilliant and rich than regular petroleum inks. Soy inks are not just favorable to make cheap flyers, but also give splendid printing results. Being eco-friendly makes them more recommendable for printing purpose.

Die-cut styling

Die-cut flyers and name cards are believed to be expensive because of their complex designs. To make low cost flyers, you can convert the die-cut idea from costly to cheaper with some creativity. Select simple yet unique styling for die-cut and transform the flyer design according to the style. Print on the same premium quality paper with cheap ink, but with a ground breaking idea. The resultant flyer will be awe inspiring and will bring target customers to the business.

Best Distribution Places to utilize Flyer Printing Effectively

distribution places for flyer printing The flyer printing has been proven as valuable and cheap marketing strategy. It not only saves cost, but increase the probability to reach the maximum target audience to draw their attention towards business offers. For a budget friendly, effective and successful promotional campaign of business, you do not only have to achieve creative and attractive flyer printing but also need to explore the useful way of distribution. Just throwing them randomly at different places will not serve the purpose of capturing the interest of required customer who need to indulge in your alluring deals. Research about the target users and their activities to plan a strategy of where and how to place flyers for highest response.

Personal mail

EmailsTo can target your audience by sending the flyers with monthly bills to educate them about the services and offers of your company. Each person who will go through the mail will have a look of the flyer and would develop an interest in the content. Provide complete contact details along with URL and email of the company to increase the chances of leads.

Public events

imagesTo pull a large number of people with a single effort, seek out for a public event like fairs, exhibitions, music concerts and shows that attract a diverse collection of people from different classes of society. There would be huge capacity of interest among the masses towards your products. You can just hand it over to the audiences or to make it more groundbreaking, give away some free gifts along with the flyer to give the clients more reasons to focus the promotion.

Reception and waiting spots

reception and waiting areaAt a place where people have to spend some time in the queue or in the waiting area, could be another favorable spot to utilize flyer printing more usefully. People can spend their time while reading the flyer and exploring the information it includes. With thorough reading, they might make their mind to try the services or products you are offering. They might just get interested to get more info about the business.

Transport stations

The hustle and bustle of bus, train or subway stations can also be included in distribution strategy of marketing campaign. Displaying flyers on walls or stands can make passengers get a glance and remember the company name for future. You can also place the flyers inside the train or bus to give passengers an activity during the ride. They will surely get something of their need out of the creative and alluring flyer of the company.

Improve flyer printing for high profits

If you are using flyer printing to increase your turnover and not getting desired results, there must be some deficiencies and weaknesses in the flyer design, printing, distribution or even marketing strategy. The flyers may be lackluster, impractical and mislaying instigating elements to give wishful performance to develop the maximum interest of consumers and new clients in your business. To improve flyer printing within the same time frame as well as budget, you must analyze and identify flaws to change them into powerful aspects of the flyers. Not only the printing procedure should be optimized, but the whole process of running the campaign from start to success should be implemented impeccably.

Educate your audience

A flyer would be of no use if it’s not helpful for the target audiences. You may have all the fancy components of marketing on it, but if the flyer is not demonstrating the insight of the product or services you are offering, all the efforts will be wasted. Put valuable and conversant facts about the business and the products you wish to introduce. Try to educate your customers about the issues they face and solution that you provide.

Add up testimonials

To make the information on flyer more creditable, you must add some reviews and testimonials of the previous customers. It will help new clients to make up their mind of availing the latest deals and offers of your company. Client testimonials will also establish a strong reputation of the brand and enhance the revenues that brand recognition will earn for your business.

Vigilant distribution

Conduct a detail research of your target customers before planning the distribution strategy of the campaign. Learn about the lifestyle, visiting places, favorite spots and interests of the target clients to plan out distribution approach. Put the flyers on prominent spots of shopping centers, famous café, restaurants, leisure spots and even restrooms to give several chances to the customers to pick and have a look at the content of the flyer.

Don’t forget quality

In flyer printing, nothing counts more than using quality paper and colors in the printing process. The poorly designed flyer can kill all probability of reaching the true message of your company to the client. Deteriorated colors and low quality paper finish will dispose the image of the brand as substandard. It will refrain the clients to take the risk of new product or unreliable offer. The flyer stock should be durable, solid and refined in quality to inspire viewers in the first look.