How to make cheap flyer printing with chic results

Flyer printingAlthough flyer printing is categorized as a low cost marketing tool that suit small and emerging businesses, yet it can become expensive as you  always have to print a large number of flyers for the single campaign. Flyers must be captivating and instigating to motivate customers for prompting response to the event or launch. If flyer printing is poorly done, the clients will get the impression of  products or services mentioned in flyer as low quality. Dazzling and glamorous look of the flyers can bring you right clients with high chances of profits as the appearance can inspire human minds quite effectively. Here are a few tips to develop chic flyers in a cheaper way.

Use premium stock

Instead of designer paper stock, use premium paper stock to save budget and get sensational output. It will give you the expression of high quality flyer to promote your business with limited resources. Glossy finish on both sides will enhance the impact of the flyer as a professional tool of marketing tactics.

Do-it-yourself design

Design is a major phase of flyer printing that requires a considerable amount of money. To save more money and portray your company’s vision more accurately, decide to design the flyer on your own. Do some research on flyer designing, improve your knowledge about the important components and features if the designs, get useful expert tips for refined idea and implement with simple design tools.


Prefer custom sizes

To achieve cheaper flyer printing, you should choose a more reasonable size among multiple sizes of flyers. The sizes start from 2 inch by 2 inch to 12.5 inch to 17.5 inch in general. You can customize the size according to the design and content requirements. It will help you to cut down the huge price to most desirable.

Go for low cost inks

The selection of ink is directly proportional to the paper stock you are using to print professional flyers. To complement the quality of paper, use Soy inks that are more brilliant and rich than regular petroleum inks. Soy inks are not just favorable to make cheap flyers, but also give splendid printing results. Being eco-friendly makes them more recommendable for printing purpose.

Die-cut styling

Die-cut flyers and name cards are believed to be expensive because of their complex designs. To make low cost flyers, you can convert the die-cut idea from costly to cheaper with some creativity. Select simple yet unique styling for die-cut and transform the flyer design according to the style. Print on the same premium quality paper with cheap ink, but with a ground breaking idea. The resultant flyer will be awe inspiring and will bring target customers to the business.


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