Creative Ideas for Name Card Printing Malaysia Enhancement

A business card is a handy way to deliver all you information to customers and clients. It must be able to provide a complete overview of business and your personal profile with inspiring graphics and design. As much as distinct and creative design you opt for your name card, it will return you the best results in the marketing campaign. You can always add some innovation in name card printing Malaysia through minor yet significant changes. Incorporating some personal touches can attract more people to explore about your business and products. Here are a few examples that how you can innovate casual business cards.

Place face to a name

When designing name card printing Malaysia for all managers of your company, you can place their pictures against their names on distinct cards. It will help you to keep the single card design for all the executives yet make an exclusive business card for each of them. Blending the colored and black and white effects together will give the impressive appearance to the viewers.

Put tabs for multiple cards

The same scenario mentioned above can also be handled in another suitable way. Creating multiple cards for directors or other important positions of the organization, can take just a little enhancement to make bunch manageable business cards. Small tabs can be added above each card at alternative places to mention the department names and put them all in the single card holder. It will create a hierarchy and let receiver explore them conveniently.

Display your domain

In order to improve impression of the business card and give it more exclusivity, you must display some elements of your industry or business in name card printing Malaysia design. For instance, if you are a developer, you can present the card design with a view like development platform on the other hand and SEO expert can brand its company name at the top of the Google search list.

Sample with card

Nothing can convince users to buy a product more than a free sample. If your product is manageable to give away as a sample in small portion or tiny size, you can use this tactic to increase the worth of your business card. Many companies inspire users with their new launches through small giveaway gifts. It not only promotes them, but also give them huge turnovers.

Turn into useful tool

Another way to give a groundbreaking look to the name card printing Malaysia is to transform it into a useful tool. Based on your business field or nature of work, the card can be modified into a handy device to facilitate people’s daily life. A shape utensil, a cheese grater or a bottle opener would be few examples that can be considered as a business card tool.


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